MSFC is proud to announce our move to Boise, Idaho. We are Headquartered at Anytime Fitness Meridian, a gym with a great atmosphere of friendly staff and members full of the best equipment for getting the best results. Anytime Fitness is a gym with huge hearts to help others achieve their goals no matter what obstacles they face.  You will get support, education and motivation training with our MSFC Trainers with Heart at the highest level of experience. This gym and owners Rick and Jaclyn Hess welcome those with MS with open arms and compassion to see YOU achieve your dreams in fitness.

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MSFC Headquarters at Old Skool Iron in Boise, Idaho
MSFC Headquarters at ANYTIME FITNESS Meridian, Idaho
MSFC Headquarters at Old Skool Iron in Boise, Idaho

Meet the MSFC Ambassador


MSFC Trainer with Heart

Rick’s passion lies with helping people reach their full potential, through various training/diet techniques and hard work. Training for more than 20 years he’s progressed into a great trainer, capable of taking you above and beyond your limitations, both mentally and physically.

Rick’s credentials are:

Owner Anytime Fitness Meridian Idaho
MSFC Ambassador for the Boise Idaho area
ISSA Certified Trainer
NFPT MS Fitness Training Specialist Certified
ISSA Nutritionist
ISSA Strength and Conditioning Certified

Outside of the gym, he is constantly researching new training and diet techniques to help better not only himself, but also his clientele.

With everything that he brings to the table, he truly believes that determination and the ability to push oneself resides deep in the individual, and with his motivation and knowledge anything is achievable.


Resolve to live a lifestyle of fitness and health. Choose to fight your chronic condition with guidance from certified professionals and a motivating community.