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Conquering MS with Fitness through Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset

Challenge yourself to take control back from this disease.


Your donations fund our efforts.


Your donations fund our efforts.

Training Camp 2023 Videos

The event is over, but now you can relive every minute of the event.

Training Camp 2023 Videos

The event is over, but now you can relive every minute of the event.

Serious Training Program

After the 8-Week Challenge, continue to train and improve.

Serious Training Program

After the 8-Week Challenge, continue to train and improve.

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If you have Multiple Sclerosis, taking on this challenge means you’re making a decision that you no longer want MS to control your life. It is a lifestyle of fitness which includes exercise, nutrition and mindset in conquering this disease. With MS Fitness challenge you have the support you need of certified fitness professionals, trained to work with people who have MS or other chronic health conditions, and a community of people who have taken the challenge and are also working towards winning the battle against multiple sclerosis.

OptimalBody Personal Fitness

The workouts and fitness advice featured on the MS Fitness Challenge come straight from OptimalBody Personal Fitness creator, David Lyons.

When it comes to fitness with MS, David Lyons is the only name you need to know. Not only is he a top athlete, he also has MS. After his diagnosis, and subsequent decline, David fought back, developing the essential fitness techniques that eventually became the OptimalBody Fitness program.

The free programs offered by the MS Fitness Challenge are only the tip of the iceberg. Sign up for OptimalBody and you receive:

  • Personalized instruction from David, himself
  • A library of online fitness videos
  • Nutrition tips
  • Fitness articles
  • A community of thousands of people just like you

Take your fitness to the next level

OptimalBody video workouts
David Lyons at a MedFitTV conference

After my diagnosis, “and reading about it, and not really finding anything positive… I started realizing, this is not the direction I want to go. I’m a fighter, and I need to fight this. I need to get back into the gym and do it the way I’ve always done things, and that’s physically.” — David Lyons

Normal fitness trainers don’t know how to work with people with MS. They don’t understand our struggles. That’s why we started this program.

Whatever your physical abilities or fitness level, you can benefit from an exercise program. Join us in the gym, at home, or wherever you are, take the MS Fitness Challenge, and take control of your life.

Social Health Awards Lifetime Achievement Award for David Lyons

A heartfelt congratulations to my incredible friend, David Lyons, for winning the esteemed Social Health Network Lifetime Achievement Award! Your dedication and steadfast commitment to the MS and chronic conditions communities have truly been life-changing, empowering countless lives through fitness and inspiration.

Daymond JohnDaymond John

Are you a Certified Personal Trainer?

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Catch David Lyons on TV

NBC Palm Springs not only supports the MS Fitness Challenge, but is now partnering with me on fitness segments with news anchor Mary Strong. Here is the kick-off segment. In the intro, you’ll recognize an MS champion from my Training Camp. (Hint: Angie Gensler)

You can also see me as a guest contributor on Fred Roggin’s The Roggin Report now and then, where news is entertaining!

David on NBC Palm Springs


The MS Fitness Challenge relies on donations from people like you. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and 100% of all donations go to the cost of the MS Fitness Challenge program.

Every dollar helps those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis improve their lives through health & fitness. Your tax deductible donation can change someone’s life in ways you can only imagine. Please consider making a contribution today, and help those affected by this debilitating disease regain the mobility and independence they lost.


During the MSFC I have gained so much strength in my legs that I’m actually able to get out of my wheelchair and use my walker again! I have gained a great deal of strength because of this challenge and I am so thankful that I have also gained energy as well. Thanks Kendra and David and all of the wonderful Trainers with Heart at MS Fitness Challenge for starting this. I will never quit!

Serena, MSFC Participant

This program is definitely empowering to those of us fighting to find better pathways to improving the strength and mobility we struggle to maintain with this disease. This program gave me a platform and an outlet to arm myself with hard work and knowledge in the hopes of improving my own unique circumstances. For that privilege I am eternally grateful. Thank you.

Rene, MSFC Participant

I am so fortunate and thankful to be part of the MS Fitness Challenge. This program is life-changing and I hope that others suffering from MS can join and have a chance to rise above a disease that strips us of our independence and so much more. It’s a way to fight back and not let MS have the final say in how we live our lives.

C.K., MSFC Participant


Lou Ferrigno

I’m amazed how much David has given back to MS, especially with the MS Fitness Challenge

Lou Ferrigno

An important book! Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis is the first all-inclusive system for the millions of people that suffer through life with disabilities, challenges, and roadblocks to getting and staying in shape.

Daymond John

David shows that there is no excuse not to be healthy and fit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Overcome even the most difficult challenge.

Montel Williams
Rita Cosby

His personal story is nothing short of remarkable!

Rita Cosby

David’s MS Fitness Challenge is one of the best, if not the best challenge I have seen.

Latoya Jackson

To those with MS….join the MSFC cause and never quit!

Ric Drasin

You can overcome any obstacle in life.

Kevin Sorbo
Tony Little

David’s story should inspire those who have had adversities in their lives on how to turn them into victories…

Tony Little

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Resolve to live a lifestyle of fitness and health. Choose to fight your chronic condition with guidance from certified professionals and a motivating community.

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