Kendra Lyons, RN

Kendra Lyons, RN, co-founder of the MS Fitness Challenge

Kendra has 25 years of experience as a home health case manager.  Her recent experience is working for a caregiving agency that sets up caregivers in the home. She has first-hand knowledge of living caregiving every day by being the spouse of David Lyons, who has been battling MS for more than 17 years.  Kendra has also played a major role in caring for both her parents, who suffered from dementia. Her passion for helping others and educating the caregiving community has allowed her to positively impact many lives.


The Silent Sacrifice: Why Caregivers Must Prioritize Themselves

Over the past twenty-five years as a registered nurse, I've witnessed a heart-wrenching paradox in home health. Caregivers, driven by an unshakeable devotion, pour their hearts and souls into their loved ones, often forgetting to fill their own cups. This selflessness, while admirable, can spiral into a cycle of neglect, leaving them depleted and vulnerable. [...]


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