MSFC Wellness Camp 2024

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MSFC Wellness Camp | Date: TBD | Location: TBD

Join us for an in-depth journey into how diet, exercise and self care can transform your life with MS. Learn from influential speakers who prove, every day, that you can live a happy, healthy and productive life, even with this devastating disease. Experience a one of a kind OptimalBody Training workout designed by David Lyons specifically for MSers at any level. And, if you’re a caregiver, learn from medical professionals who are also caregivers.

Participants will enjoy lectures from people who not only research the effects of diet and exercise on MS, but who also live with the disease. Hear insights on caregiving from caregiver partners for those with MS.


Don’t miss the opportunity to spend the weekend with other MSers and caregivers from all over the country (and internationally), learning from award-winning MS experts in a hands-on atmosphere.

The event is open to anyone from anywhere who wants to spend a weekend in beautiful Palm Springs, California!

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Want to know what to expect?

Check out Training Camp 2023 in Palm Springs. This camp will cover many of the same topics AND MORE.

Tentative Schedule of Events

Matt Rowe
Shanna Ferrigno
David Lyons
Angela Gensler

Featured Speakers

David Lyons

David Lyons

Co-Founder of the MS Fitness Challenge, BS, CPT, National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee

Founder of the MS Bodybuilding Challenge and co-founder of the MS Fitness Challenge (MSFC) with wife Kendra, David has dedicated his life to helping people with MS understand the importance of fitness. He is the recipient of the National MS Society Milestone Award, Health Advocate of the Year Award, Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award, Lifetime Fitness Inspiration Award, and inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. David was recently given Social Health Network's Lifetime Achievement Award for chronic conditions/MS advocacy.

Shanna Ferrigno

Shanna Ferrigno

National Speaker and Author

Daughter of the famed bodybuilder and actor, Lou Ferrigno, Shanna has been a health and fitness educator and behavioral coach for over a decade. She has helped balance thousands of people’s lives through her work as a lifestyle coach. Traveling throughout the world, Shanna motivates her audiences everywhere she goes to take on the challenge of healthy living.

Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe, BA

Matt Rowe, BA, is an All-American Triathlete, Certified Health Coach, meditation practitioner, Reiki master, TEDx speaker, Author of Belief to Heal, and father of two. In 2010, Matt healed himself from a paralyzed leg to finish the infamous Ironman triathlon, reversed daily activity of TIAs (also known as “mini-strokes”), and recovered from debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) to live his best life. He is the founder of Identity of Health wellness coaching, founder of the Symptom Free MS Summit and hosts the Identity of Health podcast. A lover of Self and life, Matt lives in Colorado and travels nationally to speak on Belief, healing, and possibility.

Angie Gensler

Angie Gensler

 ISSA Personal Trainer and NFPT MS Fitness Specialist, OptimalBody Fitness Training Program Coach

After quietly managing Multiple Sclerosis, focusing on daily self-care for 13 years, I met David Lyons of MS Fitness Challenge 4 years ago and realized I could do more. MSFC helped me recognize the deficits in my daily routines. With mentorship in proper nutrition, fitness and mindset, along with optimal supplementation, I have developed a daily regimen of self-care to become the best version of myself today. Sharing what I have learned and being a positive influence of change for others living with MS has been life changing.  Proud to be named a coach for David’s OptimalBody Fitness Training Program to make a true impact in the MS Community.

Melissa Rose, AFMC, INHC, AADP

Melissa Rose, AFMC, INHC, AADP

Melissa's own journey with Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosis and recovery, has empowered her to become a sought-after clinician and committed investigative partner serving individuals who have chronic or autoimmune conditions. She has been working in the autoimmune community as a Practitioner, advocate, speaker and educator since 2017. Her education includes the School of Applied Functional Medicine, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Functional Nutrition Lab, with certifications from American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Human Research and Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel from Weill Cornell Medical College.

Amy Schwartz, CPT

Amy Schwartz

 ISSA Personal Trainer and NFPT MS Fitness Specialist

In 2016, in the middle of pursuing her nursing degree, Amy had her first known MS attack. After spending years in and out of the hospital and months in bed from relapses and depression, Amy made a conscious decision she was no longer going to allow MS to take her down any longer. She was going to fight back with everything she had! A Massage Therapist for 20 years and Certified Nursing Assistant in her past careers, Amy is well educated with the body and has a huge passion for helping others. With all this, Amy’s hope is to inspire and help as many people as she can to overcome their physical, emotional and mental limitations.

“I am grateful and honored to be a part of such an amazing team of people filled with passion in helping others achieve and live their best life with MS.”

MS Fitness Challenge reserves the right to change the speaker lineup due to scheduling conflicts and other events out of the control of the charity.

MS Fitness Challenge is proudly partnered with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, EMD Serono and our other generous sponsors:


This event is made possible by the support from our proud sponsors who stand with us on the importance of fitness for battling MS.

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Vance Medical

Combining the best of traditional medicine with alternative treatments to bring new therapies to chronic illness patients.

Living without chronic pain is possible. Patients shouldn’t need to use medication to manage pain and illness.

“Just because you haven’t found a cure, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.”

– Dr Mark Vance, MD

ThermApparel is committed to empower people to live active, healthy lives by reducing fatigue, enabling exercise, and participation in life’s activities through a comfortable, lightweight, and concealable cooling vest that people want to wear. We strive to give back a little of what MS takes away. ThermApparel is proud to partner with many non-profit organizations so everyone can have access and is available from distributors worldwide and our website

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Promera Sports

Promera’s parent company, Vireo Systems, was formed in the culture of pharmaceutical science and forensic toxicology, where the highest standards of formal research and scrutinized certifications are required. Those standards have been the driving force behind our innovation, and the bedrock of our reputation as one of the most trusted brands on the market.

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Previnex makes premium, clinically effective nutritional supplements that promote longevity, performance, and every day health, and donates vitamins to malnourished children with every customer order though the company's Get Health, Give Health® Program. We use Previnex products, have seen how beneficial they are for people with MS, and can't recommend them enough. Use code MSFCVTC for 15% off your first purchase. All products have a 100% money back guarantee, where if you don't see benefits, you can get 100% of your money back no questions asked.

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DVC Stem

DVC Stem is a medical center that offers a treatment protocol using 300 million stem cells sourced from ethically donated human umbilical cords. The stem cells used in the treatment have the potential to repair damaged tissues, reduce inflammation, and modulate the immune system. This treatment can help people with chronic low-grade inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s disease, and many other degenerative conditions. The stem cells are administered intravenously, minimally invasive, and have minimal downtime. Patients usually only need to stay in Grand Cayman for five days, and they are responsible for booking their travel and accommodation. The treatment results are quantified by measuring changes in unique inflammatory markers and subjective data in vitality questionnaires. Patients may see measurable results within 3-6 months following treatment and could experience lessening their symptoms within the first few weeks.  To learn more about this innovative therapy for MS, please visit our website.

OptimalBody Fitness

Take advantage of a deep discount of 60% OFF the regular membership fees for the OptimalBody Training Program for MS, available exclusively to Training Camp attendees!

OptimalBody is the ONLY online training system developed by someone who has MS and knows the challenges it creates and how to overcome them. With over 15 years overcoming MS through fitness, David Lyons is the top MS fitness specialist and the ONLY MS trainer inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame and voted to the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Worldwide.

OptimalBody hosts free online training camps, as well as a subscription program with instructional workout videos and direct advice from David, himself. Make fitness a year round commitment.

RAP Foundation

The Regional Access Project Foundation (RAP) Inc. incorporated in 1992 as a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation in order to address unmet needs in health, mental health and juvenile intervention for residents of eastern Riverside County through grants and technical assistance to not for profit service providers.

MS Fitness Challenge is proudly sponsored by EMD Serono


Resolve to live a lifestyle of fitness and health. Choose to fight your chronic condition with guidance from certified professionals and a motivating community.