Lachlan MacKinnon

Don’t let MS stop you. I first spoke and contacted David Lyons when I was diagnosed, who helped me get on stage. Use it as your fire to push you through and achieve what u want in life.

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For those of you wondering if you can improve your physical condition, strength and mobility despite MS, take a look at someone I helped all the way from the UK. Lach came to me wanting to compete in a bodybuilding competition and I helped guide him to that stage. No matter what your goals are—to be an athlete or to just be able to move better—my OptimalBody Training System for MS works at any level. There is no other program for MS that uses my training methods one-on-one to deliver these types of results. Functional exercises, Pilates, and regular strength training are great BUT they will not produce the kind of benefits I have delivered over and over again for hundreds of MSers.

David Lyons


Resolve to live a lifestyle of fitness and health. Choose to fight your chronic condition with guidance from certified professionals and a motivating community.