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I’m doing push ups to raise money for the MS Fitness Challenge. Please join me in the 100,000 Push Up Challenge!

Why am I doing this?

The number of cases of MS are increasing daily – and no one is immune. MS does not discriminate; it affects men, women, and children, and impacts over 2.5 million individuals worldwide.

The goal of the MS Fitness Challenge is to educate people with MS and their trainers on exercise, nutrition and mindset in a lifestyle of fitness, in conquering this disease through a complete management protocol. Partnered with our many loyal sponsors, MSFC is certifying fitness professionals worldwide to work one on one with people with MS in an effort to educate and train them in the benefits of health & fitness in winning the battle against multiple sclerosis.

We provide fitness trainers worldwide with the tools and training they need to effectively and safely train people with MS. We have already impacted the lives of over 46,000 people in 25 different countries that are battling this disease! Your donations fund our efforts.

What you can do to help

I’m going to be doing push ups. If you can, please donate just $1 per push up that I do. Don’t worry, I’m not The Hulk, although Lou Ferrigno is a friend and supporter of the MSFC.

Keep watching my social media page. Once I have a few donors, I’ll post a video of me doing my push ups. Then you can donate directly on my page.

Spread the word!

  1. Eric Fleishman

  2. Robert Pafundi

    Thank YOU, Shanna, for your tireless work and dedication to Fitness, Healthy Living and your work on MS. I have seen the devastation that MS causes in both family and close friends. Now Go Do a Push-Up!!
  3. Mike Miller

    Shanna you and your family are some of the most Incredible people I know! MS sucks and to see the LOVE and SUPPORT through our group on FB has really help so many of those who suffer from MS to stay active and have SUPPORT! They are not alone! So please feel free to tag me when you drop 50! Sending Love from Texas!
  4. Anonymous

    From My Friend Dina Tabsh!