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I’m doing push ups to raise money for the MS Fitness Challenge. Please join me in the 100,000 Push Up Challenge!

Why am I doing this?

The number of cases of MS are increasing daily – and no one is immune. MS does not discriminate; it affects men, women, and children, and impacts over 2.5 million individuals worldwide.

The goal of the MS Fitness Challenge is to educate people with MS and their trainers on exercise, nutrition and mindset in a lifestyle of fitness, in conquering this disease through a complete management protocol. Partnered with our many loyal sponsors, MSFC is certifying fitness professionals worldwide to work one on one with people with MS in an effort to educate and train them in the benefits of health & fitness in winning the battle against multiple sclerosis.

We provide fitness trainers worldwide with the tools and training they need to effectively and safely train people with MS. We have already impacted the lives of over 46,000 people in 25 different countries that are battling this disease! Your donations fund our efforts.

What you can do to help

I’m going to be doing push ups. If you can, please donate just $1 per push up that I do. Don’t worry, I’m not The Hulk, although Lou Ferrigno is a friend and supporter of the MSFC.

Keep watching my social media page. Once I have a few donors, I’ll post a video of me doing my push ups. Then you can donate directly on my page.

Spread the word!

  1. Gilda Schultz

  2. Anonymous

  3. Tammy Gentile

  4. Taylor Gensler

  5. Christina Vlachos

  6. Promera Sports

    Proud to be associated with David and Team Genz for this challenge. Keep up the great work MS Warriors!
  7. Christine Douggerty

    Ang- you go girl! Your a inspiration Proud to call u my friend❤️
  8. Karen Blakeman

    Thank you for all the sunrise inspirations!
  9. cheryll adams

    truly inspirational💪🏻💕
  10. Dawnmarie Deshaies

  11. Sheri Britt

    You are killing it girl!!! Truly an inspiration!!! ❤️
  12. Cathy Ebersol

    Go Angela ❤️
  13. Pam Varacek

    Angela you are a true inspiration...keep going warrior woman!!!
  14. Alessandra Gensler

    Supporting my awesome sister-in-law Angela in her fight against MS4135
  15. Kristin LoNigro

    I’m donating to all the MS warriors out there. Angela thos first five push ups, your cap better touch the sand. One for the one you couldn’t do in boot camp. The second one for never giving up. The third for all those out there fighting MS the fourth for all the researchers and practitioners that advocate for their patients and the 5th for me because I probably can’t touch the sand with my first push up. 💪🏼❤️💪🏼
  16. Colleen Conroy

  17. Frank Capogna

  18. Cheryl Brown

    So proud of the woman you are! Love you ANG!
  19. Tara Jepko

    love what you are doing kerp it up, and don't let anyone still your shine
  20. Dawn Luchesi

  21. Kim Howland

    Angela, your spirit and strength are something for all to admire. I’m making this donation and asking you do 50 for you and 50 for me😉
  22. Carolyn Engel

    Go team Genz
  23. Madeline Quintal

    #18 is your lucky number. I Love you! Mom

  25. McCall Fitness

    You’re an inspiration to all of us! Keep kickin’ butt! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
  26. Karen Kosnak

    Love your morning walks.
  27. Denise Dahlgren

  28. Denise Juliano

    You truly are an inspiration ♥️
  29. Alice Tsakonas

    Your faith, dedication and enthusiasm make us all proud Cuz! You got this! ❤️❤️
  30. Deborah Laclaverie

    Donating to this worthy cause as I lost a family member to MS. 💗 you Ang ... you are a beautiful and inspiring soul.
  31. Gina Dunn

  32. Dawn Kaplan

    You’re an amazing lady!❤️ 😘
  33. Kim Sconzo

  34. Isabel Prata

  35. Alyssa Ruta

    Anything for Ang!!! Let’s see those push ups, girl !! 🤪
  36. Jennifer Richey

    Jenny and James will do these 40. Do not attempt Get that shoulder healed girlfriend !!! ❤️❤️
  37. Abigail Barry

    Sooooo proud of you love you always
  38. Emily Kammerer

  39. Kari Altobello

  40. Kerry Turner

    For all the inspiration and light Angela Gensler share with us
  41. Jennifer Harrington

  42. Andrea Cole

    For my amazingly strong and beautiful friend since childhood, Angela Gensler!! Love you Lady!!!
  43. april waller

    I think you have a amazing soulLove ya April
  44. David Lyons

  45. madeline cardillo

    You are truly an inspiration to us all! Love you my friend! Cuties forever xoxo
  46. Patricia Sacca

    You go girl!
  47. Ariadna Wood

    Fantastic cause!
  48. LOUIS ReneVillia jr.

    You Rock Angela. Love your spirit and determination.
  49. Tina Bellina

    MS touches our hearts here ❤️
  50. Kim Scanlon

    You are a true inspiration! I love you always my forever friend ♥️ Love & Happiness always Kim
  51. Marie Dangelo (LaBuda)

    Angela you are a true warrior and inspiration to so many!!!
  52. Ana Grande

    You go, girl.
  53. Marcy Wilson

  54. Anonymous

    Keep pushing, believing and inspiring!
  55. Renee DiGiovanni

    Continue to be an inspiration! Stay strong!