Stephen Glaus, one of our MSFC Trainers with Heart, and his wife Nikki pulled an MSFC Team together for MuckFest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 8, 2019.

It was a great day of fun as they all proved that MS cannot stop us from anything we set our minds to. Thank you Stephen, Nikki and Team for representing our charity at this amazing event.

MuckFest® is a high-octane blast from start to finish, with mud so thick and obstacles so big and bold that your athleticism will be tested and leave you wanting more. This 5K run features a one-of-a-kind course packed with 18+ outrageous obstacles surrounded by mud-filled pits, trenches, and craters. Thousands of runners will laugh their way through the route as they slip, slide, jump, climb, and crawl to muddy glory.