AR:  I feel that fitness is hugely important for everyone. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, right? It improves quality of life, period. For people with MS it’s even more important because:

1. It provides hope! You see yourself improve when you focus on fitness. Even if you have a bad day and you can’t lift what you normally do or you can’t run what you normally run, you can KNOW that it’s just a bad day. Tomorrow when you get back in the gym you’ll do better.

2. It helps you maintain strength, coordination, and balance which are vital to everyday life. You don’t even realize how important these things are until you start losing them. MS tries to steal all of these things from us and fitness helps us maintain and improve them.

3. Fitness requires focus. When you’re focusing all of your energy on building and improving yourself you have no time to focus on the negative. You have no time to dwell on the pain or the struggle. I could go on for days about why I love fitness. It saves lives!