In 1970, when I was in 6th grade,  I was outside participating in gym class. Suddenly I felt kind of strange, like a little vibration in my brain, and I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong. I told the teacher I wasn’t feeling well and when she started talking to me it was like I was in a bubble. I knew she was talking to me but it sounded weird. She said, “Well, it’s the end of the day and you’ll be going home soon.”  When I got home I was so tired. The next day I felt fine.

These kinds of episodes took place on and off throughout my middle and high school years. My parents took me to doctors. None of them could tell me what was wrong. “You are fine,” they would say. “There’s nothing wrong with you.” Then I would go home and sleep and sleep and sleep.

Sometimes everything would look really, really tiny and far away from me. It was a strange phenomenon. I researched this recently. It is called Alice In Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS), which is characterized by visual disturbances caused by neurological issues. Once again, I survived that, too.

And then there were times in high school that I would just be off in my own little world, unable to concentrate on what I was doing. It would be different one day to the next. Still, I graduated in the top of my class and attained 3 college degrees.

Fast forward to my adulthood. I had been diagnosed with optic neuritis in 1984. That resolved on its own. And then in 1986, after the birth of my second son, I had a horrific spell where I was so dizzy that I called my father-in-law. He called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I was then sent to a neurologist. Even though my MRI was normal, based on my symptoms, I was diagnosed with MS. There were no Disease Modifying Therapy Drugs in 1986. I just continued dealing with fatigue and fogginess for the next 35 years. It was just my way of life.

In 2021, I woke up from fatigue and fogginess. I removed gluten, dairy, eggs, artificial sweeteners, sugar, soy, red meat, and pork from my diet. I began drinking fresh lemon water and celery juice every morning. Within 3 or 4 weeks my fatigue and fogginess vanished. Also added was a heavy metal detox smoothie. I started eating more vegetables, fruits, boneless, skinless chicken breast, and ground turkey. This new lifestyle of eating was my ticket to healing the fatigue and fogginess. As an extra added bonus, I now have no further tingling or numbness anywhere in my body.

I am sharing these little snippets of my past so that it may help others who are experiencing these symptoms now or have in the past. You are not crazy. You are not lying. You are not alone. These are real occurrences and you will survive these instances of fatigue and fogginess.

My journey with MS has been a long one. I’m grateful that, despite all I have been through, I am moving forward as a stronger, happier and healthier 66 year old woman.  It is a good feeling to be looking at fatigue and fogginess in my rear view mirror! If I can do it anybody can!


Rhonda Dodson drinking one of her many juices


These stories are presented as testimonials of strategies and therapies the authors have tried and had success with. They may not work for everyone. Consult your physician before modifying your therapy regimen.