Achieving your fitness goals and sticking to a given exercise regimen is never easy. After all, there are a lot of obstacles and hindrances like time, boredom, injuries, comparison, self-confidence, laziness, etc. But, these limitations can be defeated easily. So, whether you have set a goal to try a new sport, lose weight, or stick to a fitness routine, don’t let these hindrances stand in your way. Here we talk about what steps you can take to overcome common obstacles and achieve your fitness goals.

Don’t Have Enough Time To Exercise

Setting sufficient time for exercising can always be a challenge. With a little bit of effort and creativity, we can overcome this obstacle. If you do not have enough time for a full workout, you can do shorter bursts of exercise. Try to Squeeze in short walks throughout the day. ‘Drive less, walk more’ should be the motto of a busy person who wants to stay fit. It is said that life happens in the evenings. So, get up just 30 minutes earlier than usual in the morning and gradually increase if needed. You can also revamp your weekend fun by making it more workout oriented. Turn your Sunday matinee into a bike ride or trekking session. This way, fun, and workouts can go hand in hand.

Exercise Is Boring

It is entirely natural to feel bored of a dull routine. It is the same when it comes to working out as well. But you can make exercising more fun by altering your exercise regime. Ensure that you include activities that you enjoy in your workout. Also, vary the routine by rotating among different activities. Walking, swimming, and cycling are the best choices for the same. The more, the merrier. You can join forces and exercise with friends or co-workers. This way you will enjoy the encouragement and camaraderie. Also, keep your options open by exploring new skills.


Injuries can cause despair, anger, and even sadness. So, to recover from injuries, you need to acknowledge the feelings and develop a plan accordingly. This recovery period can also be taken as an opportunity for you to draft new goals. Rather than feeling weak or powerless, you should empower yourself by accepting the situation. It is important to bounce back with a new plan and having a positive attitude is critical. Having the proper focus on short-term achievements while you are injured is also important. You can participate in workouts that work for other muscle groups. This way you will stay engaged and active. Also, ensure that positive influence surrounds you. Practices like positive visualization, meditation, and hypnotherapy are useful while healing an injury.

Lazy To Exercise

If the idea of taking a morning jog makes your bored or tired, then find other ideas to stay fit. Make sure that you set expectations which are realistic. If your goals are too high, you may give up without trying hard. Begin with a walk around your block. Make sure that you work with your nature rather than against it. Plan workouts for the times you feel energetic. This way you will not feel lazy. Also, Schedule your workouts like you schedule a crucial appointment. This way, you will not feel that exercises are optional.


The world of athletics is very competitive. So, the comparison might be inevitable. But, measuring a person’s individual progress and making comparisons are two entirely different things. Making comparisons with another person might induce feelings of disappointment and inadequacy. But measuring one’s progress will give hope, provide room for growth and expand your dreams. Self-evaluation and goals setting are pivotal to achievement. The best way to achieve your target is by setting small goals and converting comparisons into inspiration.


Many of us distance ourselves from workouts because we have tried to exercise in the past and failed. But, don’t give up. Make sure that you evaluate what didn’t work out and learn from your errors. Also, follow the steps listed above and achieve your fitness goals without any hassle. A perfect book to buy as a great overall fitness management system is Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis. Although it is written for people with MS and other mobility issues, it is as fantastic resource for a comprehensive mind and body approach to fitness, nutrition and mindset in achieving your fitness goals in 2017. It’s #1 on Amazon’s new releases in its category. You can order your copy here.

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