Welcome to my first blog post with MSFC! With each of my posts, I will be sharing experiences and knowledge that I have gained throughout my life with Multiple Sclerosis. Each entry will alternate between exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

Today, let’s dive into exercise. You all have probably been told many times that movement is medicine. Nothing could be more true. When I started really taking care of myself physically 4 years ago, I made sure to fit in some sort of exercise daily. But when I began my journey with OptimalBody Fitness, I learned that certain exercises would help me to overcome my mobility issues.

Movement is Medicine

Rhonda Dodson feeling stronger through exerciseLet me expand on that with an example. Last week I strained my right tricep. It was very painful when moving it. I thought, “I know what I will do, I know how to handle this. I am an athlete.” I was on the basketball, volleyball, and archery teams in high school. R.I.C.E!!! (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) “I will rest it and ice it!” The next night, I consulted with my son, who is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. He told me that although R.I.C.E. won’t hurt me, there is a newer protocol that will increase blood flow to the injured area to enhance healing. This acronym is M.E.A.T (Movement, Exercise, Analgesics, Treatment). He advised me to continue with my exercises and just reduce the resistance. My tricep is feeling better after following his advice.

This week we opened our pool.  I exercise with water aerobic HIIT (Hi-intensity Interval Training) and MS specific exercises. Of course, I get much more movement in the water. I love it! I can walk so much better after it. Yesterday was my third day of this. Today I felt some lower back pain, which I am assuming is due to the enhanced movement of my hip flexors and legs. This time, I merely got right back in the pool and exercised. That movement helped!

Consider This

If exercise sent increased blood flow to my injured tricep and back muscles, it most definitely sent it to my brain as well, which helped me to write this blog! So keep moving friends… Movement is Medicine!!